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Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that guards and protects against all types of negative vibration or energy working on the physical, etheric and emotional levels. Stimulates the intellect and increases memory. Assists in seeing through appearances promoting an understanding of what lies behind actions and words. The ancient Incas used pyrite for meditation and divination.

Pyrite inspires universal energies to activate the nutrient energies of the body, encouraging the ideal of well-being in health, intellect and emotions. It also allows us to recognize the purity of the universe.


Pyrite is a mineral known as “fool's gold” due to its brassy yellow luster, which gives it a certain resemblance to gold. Its chemical formula is FeS2.

The color of this stone has also earned it other nicknames, such as brass and Brazil (Derived from the Anglo-Saxon word brass).

The name pyrite comes from the Greek word πυρίτης (pyritēs) “in fire” or “of fire.” In ancient Roman times, the name was used for various types of stone that produced sparks when struck against metal; Pliny the Elder described one as “metallic,” most likely a reference to the stone we now call pyrite.
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