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Since ancient times, this stone, considered sacred, has been venerated and used by all types of cultures. Soft and bluish-green, Amazonite gives an almost irresistible luster, making it one of the most sought-after stones in history.

The Egyptians used it to record part of their “Book of the Dead”, and it is also believed that it was part of the breastplate worn by the biblical Moses.

This stone was so appreciated that King Tut was buried with it and the Assyrians related it to their god Belus.

In ancient times, many amulets were made from this stone, with the belief that its healing powers would protect the wearer.


Amazonite has a soft appearance and texture and that translates to a calming energy.

  • Physical: It is one of the few stones known to protect against electromagnetic radiation. Placing it near your smartphone or computer will help absorb unwanted energies.
  • Mental: Due to its calming energy, this stone has the ability to bring a certain level of peace to the people who use it.
  • Emotional: Inspires to speak with confidence and express our inner truth. It also keeps feminine and masculine energies in balance.
  • Spiritual: As we already mentioned, Amazonite is great for helping express truth, not only because it calms our mental attitude, but because this stone is associated with the throat chakra.
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