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I am originally an actress and a science advocate. In 2019 I decided to embark on a new project that bound together two of my biggest passions: art and nature. Since then I have been working on making a reality  the first “SLOW FASHION” retail space in the heart of London Mayfair dedicated to the best of  LONDON DESIGNERS and LATIN AMERICAN BRANDS.  Recognizing the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead, I decided to name my shop "INNES STRONG," as a constant reminder to never give up on it. 

My vision is rooted in the belief that the world urgently needs a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Since becoming a British resident in 2019, I've made it my mission to bring the incredible talents of designers and creators from Latin America to the vibrant city of London. Simultaneously, I aim to provide a platform to empower the most promising local designers, offering them a space to showcase and sell their creations.

Our commitment revolves around the principles of slow fashion, sustainable production and sophisticated design, where ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of our endeavors. Our aspiration is clear: to establish the premier "Top Retail Space" in London for small, ethical and sustainable brands and to donate a percentage of our profits to build awareness of global warming and change habits of consumption. 

We aim to empower talented creators and fashion designers who dare and deserve to dream big. Drawing from my experiences as a young actress, I understand the challenges of pursuing one's dreams without the necessary financial means. Therefore we firmly believe that access to top retail space should not be exclusive to corporate giants and luxury brands. Instead, we are inspired by the abundance of talent awaiting the opportunity to shine. Our vision encompasses a bold commitment to "sustainable fashion," inviting Londoners and Brits to explore the contributions of Local London designers as well as Latin American creators.

Through our efforts, we aim to advocate for a greener and more ethical approach to fashion consumption. We invite you to explore our online and retail shop and be a part of this transformative journey. Your thoughts, insights, and contributions are invaluable to us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have something to share or if you'd like to be a part of our mission. With warmth and kind regards.


Julia Inés