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Tiger's eye or “Freedom Stone” is considered a stone of creativity, strength and balance. It is said to represent the union between the energy of the Sun and the Earth, as well as the joint protection of both celestial bodies.

Its meaning and properties

Throughout history it has been considered a stone of prosperity and good fortune, an amulet of protection that reflects the threats that surround us. It is the stone of meditation and helps us let go of relationships, ties and connections that harm us and limit our growth. It is a stone that allows you to work on self-criticism, to keep your feet on the ground and your head held high.

It transmits calm, resistance and clarity despite obstacles, being one of its greatest virtues thanks to the positivism it attracts. It helps to balance polarities and accept contradictions, to receive life as it is and to respond to the needs of the moment.

Tiger's eye is a mineral with brown and yellowish hues composed mainly of quartz of microcrystalline formation, as well as limonite and riebeckite. Small particles of iron oxides are stored within the microcrystals, which generate the shine and orange effects that characterize this stone. This type of quartz has vertical bands that represent a similarity to the eye of the feline that gives it its name, which are the result of an effect produced by the orientation of the fibrous inclusions that the mineral contains. Due to this effect, there is a theory that refers to the predominant amber tone in the stone, which reflects and radiates a unique light reminiscent of that given off by the mysterious and penetrating eyes of the magnificent feline; hence the name.

The strength, energy and dexterity of this animal are fundamental to understanding the symbolism of this stone, which for years has been related to good luck and protection.

Thanks to this brightness and its mixture of shades mentioned above, tiger's eye has been used in ornamental pieces of ancient civilizations, including that of Ancient Egypt. It was chosen by the Egyptians so that the eyes of their statues of deities would express divine vision. Later, it was the Romans who wore it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. It also represents an emotional balance for yin and yang energy, being used as a spiritual crystal by religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism; even in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Helps improve headache, stress and anxiety, facilitates recovery after injury or illness.

Tiger's eye quartz enhances the action of the 7 chakras, especially those that influence concentration or creativity. When placed between the eyebrows, in the chakra known as the third eye, this stone helps open the mind and channel energy. In addition to providing vitality, it is believed that it can be of great help in making decisions or starting a new project. Tiger's eye not only brings luck, but also money and success.

In astrology, this stone corresponds to the signs Aries and Leo, being compatible with Gemini and Virgo. Its element is fire and as mentioned before, it symbolizes freedom and spiritual strength.

How to use Tiger's eye?
The stone is cleaned under the tap for 1 minute or can be immersed in salt water to absorb negative energies. When used, it is best to carry the tiger's eye in the left hand

To charge the stone, once clean, it can be left under the light of the full moon; this to activate its properties.

You can do it every 2 months, depending on the amount of energy you receive, to scare away the bad and attract the good, protecting you and your loved ones.
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