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Green jade has the energy of the earth and nature, providing a complete and nourishing energy that encourages and calms the heart. Attract the abundance of nature into your life, helping to create prosperity and physical well-being.


Jade is actually two different minerals named by the same name. It seems that for years this occurred due to their incredible similarities. By the time anyone realized they were dealing with two gems, it was too late. Today, they are differentiated into different types of jade, called jadeite and nephrite.
Jade has long been revered by the Chinese, who call it “Yu.”

Jade has a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale (Hardness Scale). It is not an exceptionally hard stone, but it is very resistant. In fact, it was used by ancient civilizations in axes and other weapons. Jade is an important part of Chinese wedding ceremonies: It is considered the concentrated essence of love.


It is the most expensive variety, and in fact is not found in China. This variety of Jade is found in Burma and Guatemala. It exists in a wide variety of colors including green, mottled green and white, grayish white, brown, mauve, yellow, orange and lilac. Green jade is usually apple green or emerald in color. Colored jade (except green) is usually pale and unevenly colored.


It is more common than jadeite and is mostly found in dark green shades. This type of jade is considered “the ancient and true Chinese jade.” Nephrite is slightly softer than its counterpart and is found in many countries including China, the United States and Canada.


Due to its resistance, it can be used almost anywhere. It is commonly carved and cut into cabochons (small, polished, convex stones) for pendants, earrings and rings. It can also be molded into a complete one-piece ring. There are, however, many imitations of jade. “New Jade” is a stone called serpentine, but it looks almost identical. The easiest way to detect real jade is to test it by trying to scratch the stone with a knife. Real jade should not scratch easily, while other impostors do.

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