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Ganesha (Ganesh/Ganapati) is the Hindu god of the beginnings, his name means "Lord of the People" (gana means "common people") and "Lord of the Gains" (he gains are semi divine beings at his service).

One of the versions of his birth says that Parvati, Shiva's wife, conceived him as the guard of her door to prevent anyone from entering while she was taking a bath. When Shiva arrived, Ganesha -who did not know him- did not let him into his house, so Shiva cut off his head. Parvati was extremely distressed. Then Shiva, not being able to bear his wife's sadness, promised to replace the head of the newborn with the head of the first living being that opportunely passed in front of the door. And an elephant passed by.

It is widely revered as a remover of obstacles, patron of the arts, of the sciences, and Lord of Abundance.

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