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Labradorite is considered a stone of the air, so it is no surprise that it helps heal energy that is related to creativity. If you are looking to increase your self-esteem and find your hidden potential, this is your stone!

  • Physical: Labradorite is beneficial for the lungs and can help with respiratory problems, helps with digestion and metabolism. It can also be soothing for pain during the menstrual period.
  • Emotional: Calms overactive minds and energizes the imagination, helps with contemplation and introspection, bringing clarity of thought and wisdom. Helps eliminate fears and insecurities, increasing self-confidence.
  • Spiritual: It is a great protector of the aura, preventing any energy leak.


Whenever you wear gems, it is important to wear them as close to the skin as possible; This helps to absorb the energy directly.

This stone is associated with the second chakra, placing it near it will help heal more deeply.

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