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Garnets help transform visions into physical reality. The six types of garnet help with different types and levels of manifestation. The most representative in jewelry is the pyrope garnet, this type of stone helps the wearer release guilt and shame, open themselves to receive love and move forward with a sense of clarity and self-esteem.


Garnet is popularly known as a dark red stone, but it is actually a group of gemstones that can have a wide variety of colors, although dark red is the most common. The six subtypes of garnet are: almandine, andradite, grossularia, pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite. Piropo is the most used in jewelry.

Garnet takes its name from the pomegranate (fruit) and is the stone of those born in January.


Garnet is known as “the stone of health”. It helps dissolve negative energy and accelerates manifestation, drawing creative energies to the forefront. Garnet has a loving energy and monitors the flow of energy in the psychic centers. On the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, garnet helps achieve integration and rejuvenation, learning to flow with the waves of energy. It gives vitality and provides a stabilizing influence. It is a cleanser and purifier, it stimulates the creativity, confidence, security and passion of those who use it.

Working through the root chakra, garnet helps stabilize and protect the physical body. This red stone is especially effective with the blood, spine and circulatory system, and also helps some women with balance during their period.

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