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Be captivated by the ocean blues of aquamarine, the birthstone of March. Immerse yourself in the myth of the Mermaid Stone and discover inside the origin of all the fables that surround it to this day.

Primarily, aquamarine is known to be deeply connected to clarity and courage, creating a strong link with ancient civilizations, especially merchants of the sea, who adorned their clothing with the stone in hopes of finding guidance when navigating the waters. murky and fierce storms.

This sparkling stone has the light blue color of when the sky meets the sea, and invites meditation and reflection, discovering yourself in nature, as part of his legacy.

The most fascinating shades of aquamarine are found in the vastly diverse forests throughout Brazil, but it is also abundant in Nigeria, Madagascar, Afghanistan and the United States.

Complement your daily looks with this calming and comforting gem.
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