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Abel López


Abel Lopez


Abel is a wonderful Mexican designer from a small town in Jalisco Mexico with an incredible "Haute Couture" talent. His sophisticated taste and passion for architectural details is always present in his designs. His talent has catched the eye of international stylists, renown artists and powerful business women who feel absolutely fabulous and feminine when wearing Abel's pieces, as he is indeed inspired to represent the feminine beauty in powerful business women who are secure of themselves, need to dress comfortably and elegantly, all at the same time.

His brand was selected to come to the UK as part of the "INNES STRONG " project, in which the very best latin american brands who work sustainably and ethically were to be selected to come to the UK.

Each attire is carefully made by the hands of skilled artisans in his Atelier located in Guadalajara, Mexico where pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses work hand in hand with Abel to obtain high quality iconic pieces. Contrary to the mass selling strategy of online sales, Abel promotes a sustainable fashion by creating his pieces with the spares from the high luxury international brands, and delivers limited edition collections with a very limited number of pieces from each model. Most of the pieces are not evensold online, as there is a very limited amount of pieces.